Friday, May 29, 2009

My new helper

A few days ago, a miracle occurred in my house. Abbey came and told me that she was going to give washing the dishes a try. So, I let her wash and rinse and then put the dishes in a big bowl on the side for me to dry (read inspect here). She did a wonderful job and we heaped tons of praise on her. So, then later that night, we had barely finished dinner when she stood up and started collecting our plates. These too, she was going to wash. That was Wednesday and she has washed dishes everyday since. She also very seriously informed me that if I needed dishes washed, I could just ask her and she would do them because "she is growing older and after she learns how to wash dishes, she will need to learn how to drive the car and cook dinner." Well, I think the car thing might have to wait. And I am fully aware that the novelty of washing dishes wears off. (Mine wore off so long ago, I am not even sure I liked it to begin with!) But for the time being, I am enjoying my vacation from washing. Now, when she gets old enough to fold clothes! That will be a day of rejoicing!

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